"a deeply expressive voice"
-Siobhán long -The Irish Times

"a man of great imagination"
-Dai Jeffries - Folking.com

"truly extraordinary” 
- David Kidman  -The Living Tradition

" an astonishing new voice" 
- Michael Quinn -Songlines







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I will be travelling to Orkney in September 2018 to perform at the Orkney International Science Festival in a number of integrated talks with music. I must say I love this format of contextualising the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of music.

Last May at the resting place of WB Yeats in Drumcliffe, Co. Sligo, after a performance of Preab Meadar combined with dance our host said “God made music to feed the soul”. I think this is so true. Music does more than provide gratuitous entertainment, it enlivens our mind.

At the OISF we will explore the nature of music and creativity. We will look at the historical verification of the Battle of Clontarf, and question ‘what gives inspiration to the mathematical mind’.

The 19th-century Irish mathematician Sir William Rowan Hamilton will be the mind under scrutiny in this discussion of music and numbers. How did such a strict empirical mind make such a leap of discovery? Was it his love of poetry and what Coldridge called “The suspension of Disbelief” If maths is the only truth, where does the suspension of disbelief fit into the mathematical mind.


Other recent projects included The Táin at The Model, and the release and tours of Visionaries 1916

Also coming up is Dinnseanchas, a commission by DLRCC based on the relationship between traditional music, folklore, and the physical landscape. That will come to a head on October 20 2018 in the LexIcon Dún Laoighre


In brief

Lorcán Mac Mathúna is a singer, writer, and arranger whose work confounds categorisation. Working extensively in the realm of improvised music, with many stylistic inspiration derived of sean-nós vocal techniques and musical philosophy; his music is tonally rich, nuanced, and dynamic.

His work has included arrangements based on airs in the oral vocal tradition; contemporary music composition; writing collaborations ; improvisational and electronic music: and compositional theory development.

His accomplishments have included four commissioned compositions; four albums and counting; the feature track on a No. 1 album; numerous tours; and a winning song in the ISC 2012.


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An attendee at the premier performance of one of Lorcán’s projects, An Táin, described the effect of his voice:

"Lorcan MacMathuna gathers from the air something which is older than the Tain - ageless, primaeval and haunting. He has caught and manifest for us a sound which is fundamental; which has existed since men and women first sang - sang to express what they felt and what they knew to be true. It is the music of mythology - all the cadences of history and prehistory residing in one man's voice. It calls to the soul. And the soul answers. And we are privileged to listen and to hear in our own blood and in the fibres of our understanding."

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"An raibh tú ag an gCarraig," a traditional song of lost love, played with collaborator Seán Mac Fhir Léinn in DLight studios in Dublin in 2013.

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"It's powerful and stark, like it's been hewn out of the earth. Caoineadh Fherdia is like sitting with a death rattle; the lamentation gets you in the guts and bones... reminded me of the laments for the fallen played on the Northumbrian pipes on Remembrance Sunday; you've mined a deep tradition, but not in a stylised way - it's more visceral than that." -read testimonies

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"every now and again you need to be challenged and shaken from your reverie. You need to expose yourself to people that take a different direction and manage to take you with them. Lorcán and company have pushed the boundary but not to the point where they lose you. They have opened the door a little, and you have taken a glimpse..." - more reviews

Powerfully affecting vocal music - fROOTS


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With roots in sean-nós and traditional singing, and a destination far beyond in improvisation and composition, Lorcán Mac Mathúna constantly pushes boundaries. Boundaries of what is conventionally accepted as tradition; and the boundaries of genre and creativity. His projects are not just about great music; they are also about compelling stories, and exploration.- Exploration of culture, identity, and art. find out about Lorcán's projects