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Irish Improvising singer who likes Sean-Nós



"a deeply expressive voice"
-Siobhán long The Irish Times

"a man of great imagination"
-Dai Jeffries Folking.com

"truly extraordinary”
- David Kidman The Living Tradition

" an astonishing new voice"
- Michael Quinn Songlines


"Here is an album that is as unexpected as it is delightful."
Vic Smith
The Folk Diary



"Lorcan MacMathuna gathers from the air something which is older than the Tain - ageless, primaeval and haunting. He has caught and manifest for us a sound which is fundamental; which has existed since men and women first sang - sang to express what they felt and what they knew to be true. It is the music of mythology - all the cadences of history and prehistory residing in one man's voice. It calls to the soul. And the soul answers. And we are privileged to listen and to hear in our own blood and in the fibres of our understanding." -KATE NEWMAN - publisher and poet



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Lorcan Mac Mathuna, or Lorcán Mac Mathúna as it is correctly spelt, is a Dublin based sean nós singer. Dublin is also where he was raised and he is proud of the connectedness between his traditional singing style and his urban nurturing.

Lorcan’s interpretation of sean nos is distinct and his concerts and album have garnered praise from (ahem!) people who have seen them. His innovative approach to recording and performance involve complex and beautiful arrangements of sean nos songs and improvisation techniques.

Lorcan is a dynamic and adventourous musician - which is not a paradox in traditional music by the way – and has performed and collaborated with widely differing musicians. His understanding of sean nos is aided by an appreciation and grasp of the nuances in many different musical styles. He has worked with traditional, jazz, and classical musicians.








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