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Lorcán has led another life outside of music. He was once a good hurler before old age and the realisation that he had relatively little talent put a stop to that ambition (seeing as it was only ambition that kept him in the ranks of slightly higher than mediocrity, that put paid to that path of his development). He now considers himself an authority on the sport.

He is a marginally better singer –a sport that doesn’t depend on vigour and where his advanced years aren’t actually a hindrance- than hurler. He reckons that if he practices long enough he still has a good chance of fooling people into thinking he is a decent singer. Coincidentally he has also decided to bluff his way around the singing racket and considers himself an authority on that as well. His friends tell him he is a good singer and some discerning listeners say his singing is passionate –which sounds like a compliment- so that encourages him to keep going.

He said something funny about ten years ago! ..... -he claims


By the way, welcome to my website. It was entirely designed by myself and it is due to my complete lack of imagination and technical expertise that you are now probably having trouble finding your way around it.

That god like beauty you saw on the homepage is in fact me – which just goes to show how much you can do with photoshop when you are uninhibited by artistic scruples and will doctor an immage beyond recognition. In real life I have a nice personality.

I designed this site myself in 1973 -which showed remarkable foresight and precocious ability [good man myself]. I have lost any element of genius, vision, or insightfulness (the plot in short) I had since then, and I am keeping this design out of pure sentimentality. I am not senile though.

I still think this website is marvellous though and I daar-ya to say otherwise.


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