an táin music

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"an elemental maelstrom" fruk

"entirely new and genuinely experimental"  Froots

"ageless, primaeval and haunting" Kate Newmann, audience member

"wonderful"   -folking


An TÁin

An Epic interpretation of a Celtic epic: "delivers the tale of the original headless horseman. The pace is constant, the vocal alternates from hushed haste to strident insistence, and all the while the plucked strings and Eoghan Neff’s masterly fiddle in an elemental maelstrom."  TRADREVIEW

¦¦ Released: 2011 ¦¦
¦¦ LMM011002 ¦¦

Lorcán Mac Mathúna: voice
Martin Tourish: piano accordion, piano
Eoghan Neff: fiddle
Flaithrí Neff: uilleann pipes, vpipes, low whistles



  1. The Pillow Talk
  2. The Prophesy of Fidelm
  3. The Slighting of Cú Chulainn
  4. Cú Chulainn's Sleep
  5. The Sorcerous Distortions
  6. Dinnseanchas
  7. The Manipulations of Ferdia
  8. Caoineadh Fherdia
  9. Deachnadh Bheag
  10. Scread Ceann Sualtaim (The Cries of Sualtaim's Head)
  11. The Rut and Carnage


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