"a deeply expressive voice"
-Siobhán long, The Irish Times

"a man of great imagination"
-Dai Jeffries  Folking.com

"truly extraordinary” 
- David Kidman The Living Tradition

"Spine-tingling"   -FRoots



Style Summary

As a solo singer and teacher Lorcán Mac Mathúna is highly regarded for his deep understanding of the fundamentals of vocal music -particularly the improvisatory nature of Sean-Nós; for his tonal adventurousness; and his grasp of context both within the tradition and in more general musical settings.

These are the qualities which he brings to his projects. From improvisatory collaborations to compositional works his projects have been called “Groundbreaking,” Pioneering,” Boundary Breaking,” “Stunning and incredible.”

The scope of his projects range from deep investigations into the nature of traditional music and the human condition; to avant-garde compositions inspired by cultural classics; to "groundbreaking" compositions in unprecedented rhythms.

His work is always undaunted,  thought provoking, purposeful, and always thoroughly engaging and musical.


1916 - Visionaries and Their Words | more

"Startlingly original. There's a remarkeable empathy evident in the musical settings of the poetry. Voices and fiddles rise and soar skywards in Joseph Plunkett's The Cloud... -FROOTS

A Century on from a remarkable revolution of visionaries and poets, VISIONARIES reveals the artistic brilliance and vision in the writings of four leaders of the Easter Rising; Patrick Pearse, James Connolly, Eamonn Ceannt, and Joseph Plunkett. Specially commissionned as part of the official program of Centenary Commemorations ART:2016


Preab Meadar | more

preab meadar Gaelic poetry"an extraordinary meeting of wordcraft and music rhythms -Ellen Cranitch Lyric FM

Preab meadar is something brand new in contemporary trad and Celtic music. 1000 years in the making, it is a sensational new dance music style, of complex rhythms and elaborate lyrics.

Comprising unprecedented rhythms and singing style; it owes its inception to early and medieval Celtic Literature. In particular it is grounded in Gaelic strict-metre syllabic poetry of the medieval period 600AD - 1600AD... more



Compositions | more

"A masterful work of genius by musicians that are breaking new ground and opening new doors as they transverse our musical horizons" -Tradconnect

Gloriously rich tapestries of staggeringly ancient words, sean nós, and timeless avant-garde soundscapes.

Deep dynamic tones and complex rhythms give the Compositions of Lorcán Mac Mathúna (and collaborators such Deep End of the Ford) a sense of cinematic narrative. At the centre of their music is a fluid improvisational style. Their idioms are tone; improvisation; and dynamic ranges unheard in most Celtic music. more



Northern Lights | more

northern lights musicNorthern Lights connects the folklore and folk music from all shores of the great expanses of the North Sea.  It poses the question “what parts of the traditional music repertoire is personal and local, and what parts are universal?

In connecting a vast musical landscape which evokes everything between the ice of the North Sea and the warmth of Irish summer pastures,  it finds striking resonances ... more



the poet and the liberator | more

Irish politics and society before the famine as revealed in the words and music of Kerry poet Tomás Rua Ó Súilleabháin (1785-1848)

A neighbour of Daniel O'Connell, Tomás Rua witnessed and wrote about the Repeal movement, agrarian activism, faction fights, duelling, and the life of the Irish disenfranchised peasant. A poet of the people he lived and suffered and hoped and died -and observed and recorded- in one of the most turbulent and dramatic periods of Irish History.

videos and descriptions



Tásc is Tuairisc (Franklin) | more

sir john franklinThe most notorious sea journey of the 19th Century, the Franklin Polar Expedition is retold in a minimalistic dark psychological tale of cannibalism, ice and madness.

"May, 1845, two ships under the command of Sir John Franklin sailed north to solve the last great problem in Arctic travel…the North West Passage, connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific across the top of North America. But Franklin and his expedition of 128 men disappeared in the Arctic ice.

“Years later, traces of the expedition were discovered along... more



Common Tongue | more

Common Tongue is a collaboration with composer Ian Wilson and sax player Cathal Roche using old lyrics to compose new melodies mixed with.... more